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Build a mobile app for an affordable monthly cost

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by Christian Bason,

You always a wanted a slick mobile app to represent your business. We heard your request and worked on it.

We are trialling out our new service which won’t break your bank. Now you can have a mobile app for your business for a very nominal monthly subscription starts from £100 per month.

We can build a web-app for your internal business process automation or a consumer-oriented app that will be available in Android or Apple Stores.

Below are the category of business applications for which we are offering this service:

Sales Management
Order Management
Employee Management
IT Asset Tracker
Event Management
Training course planner
Support Desk
Volunteer Management portal
Fleet Hub
Real Estate Management
Logistics Management
Visitor Management
Education Management
Vendor Management
Appointment Management
Time Tracker
School/Education centre Operation Management
Employee Onboarding
Inventory Management
Product Catalog
Lead Management
Point of Sale – Checkout Management
Hotel Management
Property Maintenance Tracker
Conference Room Booking

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