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OCXEE – An innovative Student Solutions StartUp


Ocxee Ltd. is the number one platform in the world that intends to provide a one-stop solution to the students. Their offerings are directed to international students that aspire to study across the globe. With the network of educators, recruiters and service providers worldwide connected here to provide quality offerings ranging from pre-landing to post-landing services.


Being an early-stage starup, Ocxee had many challenges. One of them was managing the Digital Marketing channels. To scale up, they wanted to aggessively market their products, but struggling to define a digital marketing strategy that return value.


We created a bespoke digital marketing package for them which includes the following:



Creatives for social posts

Social channel optimisations (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and growth

Added value

We always look for client to get additional value from our services and we constantly advise improvements on their digital footprints. We are in discussions with them to increase international physical footprint of Ocxee by collaborating them with  worldwide operators.

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