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Solacexis Solicitors


Solacexis Solicitors is a boutique legal services provider based in London. We met one of the directors during a social event around Christmas 2018 and eventually we went down to a conversation of their business challenges.

Solacexis Solicitor directors


  1. Personal branding for the director with regular blogging and email marketing
  2. Incoming flow of clients dried down significantly due to the departure of the partner who was the main source of generating sales leads through personal connections
  3. The business operates with very limited number of employees working without a defined marketing and sales strategy and the existing directors had no clue how they can attract new customers.


  1. Create brand awareness through social media marketing
  2. Define marketing strategy, lead generation and sales process
  3. Automate customer relationship management
  4. Design and develop website and develop attractive content

Added value

  1. Personal branding for the director with regular blogging and email marketing
  2. Setting up convenient automated appointment booking facility from social media engagements integrated with personal calendar.
  3. Prepared structures and tools to help create a focused strategy for YDT,
    and ensure that it is based on actual “evidence” (eg. customer feedback)
  4. Enabled business to identify the cash generating services from their portfolio and connecting to targeted customers who are looking for the service.


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